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BrokerError awAcknowledgeThrough(
BrokerClient client,
BrokerLong seqn);
The Broker client that is acknowledging the receipt of an event.
The sequence number of the event to acknowledge. A value of 0 acknowledges all the events received that were previously unacknowledged.
Acknowledges the receipt of all events received by a Broker client, up to and including the event with the sequence number specified by seqn. If seqn is set to 0, all previously unacknowledged events are acknowledged. By acknowledging the events it has received, a Broker client ensures that the Broker will not send those events to the Broker client again. To acknowledge a single event, use the awAcknowledge function.
Possible BrokerError major codes
The seqn is not a valid event to acknowledge.
The client has been destroyed or disconnected.
The seqn is less than zero.
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