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Stalled Queues KPI
The stalled queues indicator alerts you if messages are stuck for a long time or if messages are never retrieved from queues that are connected to clients.
A queue is considered to be stalled only if all these conditions are true:
*A client is connected to the queue
*The queue contains at least one message
*It has been more than five minutes since the client retrieved a message from the queue
Marginal Value
Critical Value
Maximum Value
1 queue.
50% of the maximum value.
Defined by whichever of these values is greater:
*1 queue.
*5% of the total number of client queues or forward queues in Brokers.
*Current number of stalled queues.
For example, if the number of stalled queues is zero, and 5% of the sum of client queues and forward queues is less than 1, then the maximum value is 1 queue.