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Configuring Broker Server License
*To change Broker Server license
1. In the Environments pane, select the environment in which Broker Server is installed.
2. Click the Instances tab.
3. Click the Broker Server instance for which you want to change the license.
4. Click the Configuration tab.
5. Select Licenses from the drop-down
The license type, status, and expiration date for the Broker Serverlicense appear below the drop-down
6. In the License Type column, click the Broker Server link.
Command Central displays the license key location. You can view the license file details when you expand License Key Details.
7. Click Edit.
8. Click Browse in the License Upload Location field, and then navigate to the new license file.
The new license file that you select is uploaded to the license location as shown in the Server License Location field.
9. If you want to change the licence file location, edit the new path in the Server License Location field. The new location of the server license file is updated in the awbroker.cfg configuration file that resides in Broker Server's data directory.
10. Click Save to save the new license.