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Retrieving Configuration Details of Broker Server Base Port
Using Command Central, you can retrieve the configuration details of Broker Server’s base port.
You cannot use Command Central to configure the Broker Server base port. If you want to configure the base port assigned to a Broker Server, stop the Broker Server and change the port setting using the server_config command line utility.
For information about server_config command line utility, see webMethods Broker Command-Line Utilities.
*Retrieving a Broker Server’s base port configuration details
1. In the Environments pane, select the environment in which Broker Server is installed.
2. Click the Instances tab.
3. Click the Broker Server instance for which you want to view the port settings.
4. Click the Configuration tab.
5. Select Ports from the drop-down list to view the following read-only Broker Server port details:
Indicates whether the Broker Server port is enabled or disabled.
Indicates the base port of the Broker Server.
Indicates the protocol used by the Broker Server.
Indicates the type of Broker Server port.