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About webMethods Broker Administration
You can administer Broker Servers through Command Central. Note that because Platform Manager uses Broker Monitor to obtain information about Broker Servers, Broker Monitor must be running if you want to administer Broker Servers through Command Central.
You can use Command Central to perform the following operations on webMethods Broker.
*View the number of Broker Servers running in each environment of your IT landscape
*View the versions of Broker Servers
*View the fixes applied to Broker Servers
*Configure Broker Server license
*Configure SSL in a Broker Server
*Retrieve Broker Server base port and SSL configuration details
*Start, stop, and restart Broker Server
*Pause and resume message publishing in Broker Server
*Monitor Broker Server installations
*Monitor run-time status, KPIs, and alerts of Broker Server instances
*Use the administration link of Broker Server
Note:webMethods Broker does not support Debug and Safe mode lifecycle operations.