ApplinX Eclipse Preferences

The ApplinX Eclipse preferences can be accessed via the Windows>Preferences menu in the Software AG node.

Remember passwords

Remembers the server passwords. When this check box is not selected the login pop-up is always displayed.

Always use the highest prioritized Screen Group (when creating Screens using Screen Creation Definitions)

When creating screens based on screen creation definitions which are defined within screen groups, you can determine to always use the highest prioritized screen group and not to ask the user every time which screen group to use. When this check box is not selected the dialog box requesting you to select the relevant screen group will always be displayed.

Switch to ApplinX perspective upon ApplinX wizards completion

When in an Eclipse perspective which is not the ApplinX perspective, and you run a wizard, once the wizard is completed, the perspective will change to be the ApplinX perspective.

Show Application Map on startup

Determines whether the APplication Map view is displayed when opening an application. By default the Application Map view is displayed.

ApplinX installation directory

Indicates the directory where ApplinX is installed.

JDK location

Indicates the directory where JDK is located.

Software AG tomcat location

Indicates the directory where Software AG Tomcat is located.