Host Configuration Parameters

Host Configuration: Connectivity

Name/IP address

The host's TCP/IP address (IPv4 and IPv6 address formats are supported).


The TCP/IP port to which the host is listening.

Device type

The device type of terminal that ApplinX emulates.


The protocol used to access the host.

Device Type Protocol Comment
Mainframe: IBM-3278, IBM-3279 (only supported via SNA servers that convert SNA to TN3270) TN3270 TN3270E  
Natural-UNIX (Software AG) Natural-APX  
BS2000 9750  
TANDEM: TN6530-8 TN6530 Only block mode applications are supported in Web enablement.
FUJITSU-6680-00, FUJITSU-6680-02 TN6680  
AS/400: IBM-3179, IBM-3477-FC, IBM-5555 TN5250 TN5250E  
HITACHI TN560 Supported only by ApplinX Servers installed on Win 32 platforms.
VT VT-100, VT 220-7, VT 220-8 VT is supported in a SOA enablement only.

The number of characters per column and per row, in the host's window.


The name of the application on the BS2000, to which you want to connect (relevant only to BS2000). The name can be up to 8 characters long. $DIALOG is provided as the default name. The connection to the host will be established using an Open command, without any parameters.

Application script

The name of the shell script file required to start the Natural application (relevant Natural-UNIX).

Parameter file

This file contains the configuration parameters relevant for Natural-UNIX. Enter the parameter file name as it appears in Natural, without the file extension. For example: SYSTRANS.SAG should be written as SYSTRANS.

Connection timeout

The number of milliseconds the application will try to connect to the host, before it announces failure.

Code page

The code page number of the required language for this application.

Convert input to uppercase

Sends data to the host as uppercase (overrides default host configuration-backwards compatible).

Use 8-bit data

Determines whether to use an 8-bit ASCII table. When not selected, the 7-bit ASCII table is used by default.

Auto wrap

This option is available for VT hosts only. Selecting this option starts a new line when the current line of characters reaches the margin.


This is not available for AS/400 hosts.

Enable Natural-Data-Transfer support

Enables uploading and downloading Natural data transfer files.

Ignore leading form feed in downloaded report

When you are downloading a report, an empty page precedes the report. However, if this check box is selected, this empty page is not generated. This appliea to reports generated using the Natural WRITE command (available for Mainframe hosts only).

Keep trailing blanks at the end of downloaded records

If this check box is selected, the trailing blanks are also written to disk. This option applies to reports generated using the Natural WRITE WORK command (available for Mainframe hosts only).


Available in SOA applications only.

This tab is not displayed in Mainframe host applications.


Insert a User ID to log into an AS/400 host.


A password to log into an AS/400 host.

Library list

A list of libraries separated by spaces, in the AS/400 host called by programs that may reference them. If a program calls a library that is not recorded in the Library list, the program may not function properly.

Create debug log

Check this check box to save a debug log when running ApplinX programs.

File name

Specify the log file.


Connect using SSH

Enables connecting using the SSH connection between the ApplinX server and the host.

Use SSL connection to host

Enables using the SSL connection between the ApplinX server and the host.

Add and Remove icons

The Add icon enables adding a valid X509 certificate. Use the remove button to remove certificates not used.

This can be used in any block mode host, however this has only been tested on a 3270 Mainframe host.