Installation and ApplinX License Keys


ApplinX is installed with the SAG Installer. We recommend you change the default password for the product as soon as possible after installation. See Defining Passwords in the ApplinX Administration documentation for details.

We recommend you always install the latest fixes available for your products. These are available from the Empower Product Support website.

See also Setting Environment Variables under UNIX.

ApplinX License Keys

During the installation process, a check is performed that the license is of the same version as the installed ApplinX server. The license key format from version 9.6 and earlier is no longer supported. If you are logged on to Software AG's Empower site, you can request a new license key from Software AG Logistic Service Center (LSC).

About ApplinX Licenses

ApplinX can be purchased with one of the following types of licenses (it is possible to purchase more than one type of license):

The table below shows the possible combinations of web and SOA licenses:

Scenario SOA Web Enablement Notes
Connection-based Core-based
SOA connection-based license only X     Only one connection-based license possible per server
SOA Core-based license only   X   License is calculated on number of cores. Only one core-based license possible per server.
Web enablement license only     X Printer connections are also counted as Web enablement connections.
SOA connection-based and Web enablement X   X SOA core-based license not possible in this combination.
SOA core-based and Web enablement   X X SOA connection-based license not possible in this combination.

The ApplinX license is purchased for a number of users for each type of license. For example, you can purchase a license for 100 SOA users, and another license file for 50 web enablement users. When connecting to a session, the number of opened connections is compared with the number of users defined in the license file. The number of possible users must be equal to or greater than the number of opened connections. When trying to connect with an additional user, you will receive the following error message: Cannot connect session. The server has reached the full capacity of concurrent users.


  1. When working with a Connection Pool entity, connections will be related to a specific license type only once they are in use within a specific solution (SOA or web enablement).
  2. A session used by a developer within the Designer is not counted as a connection.
  3. Once the expiration date defined in a license file is reached, the connections count defined in the file is dropped from the accumulated connection count (per type).
  4. License keys from version 9.6 and earlier are no longer supported. The following user messages appears when the server starts if in the license directory there is an old license: License key format from version 9.6 and earlier is no longer supported. You can request a new license key from Software AG Logistic Service Center (LSC). STOPPING SERVER...

Multiple License Key Handling

If you received more than one ApplinX license key from Software AG Logistics and you want to use the functionality of multiple licenses on one ApplinX server instance (for example SOA Enablement and HTML Emulation), follow the steps below:

Start of instruction setTo use multiple license keys

  1. Install ApplinX by using one of the provided license keys.

  2. Before you start ApplinX server, manually copy all other provided ApplinX license keys to directory <Software AG Installation>\common\conf.

When you restart your ApplinX server, the total number of licensed connections for all provided license keys will be available to this ApplinX server instance.

Updating Your License

If you wish to change the license key after the installation, you need to locate the license file (<Software AG Installation>\common\conf) and replace the old license with the new one. Restart ApplinX server and the Designer.

License Metering using Command Central

ApplinX now supports the license metering functionality provided by Command Central. License metering depends on license manifest files. Each license manifest file issued by Software AG contains all contracts for one location of your organization. If you received license manifest files from Software AG, you can generate or view a report of the current state of your landscape. For details see Creating and Viewing License Metering Reports in the Command Central Online Help.

This functionality is provided for single-license landscapes only. Multiple licenses are not supported.