Data Structure

A Data Structure is an object that is characterized by attributes. Once defined, the Data Structure entity can be used as an input or output variable in Flow Procedures or as an attribute of a Data Structure.

Start of instruction setTo create a new data structure:

  1. Select the relevant application.

  2. In the File menu select New>Entity>Data Structure. The New Data Structure wizard is displayed.

  3. Enter a name for the Data Structure, a suitable description and determine the folder where the Data Structure is to be located. Click Finish. You have now created a new Data Structure in the repository and it is displayed in the Editor area.

  4. Click Add Structure to add a structure. Enter a name, description, select a type and determine whether it is an array.

  5. Click Add Attribute to add an attribute. Enter a name, description, select a type, determine whether it is an array and provide a default value.

  6. Use the Move Up and Move Down links to change the order of the data structures.