SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | XML Parsing Templates for SWIFT FIN Messages | Parsing Template Structure | Miscellaneous Notes
Miscellaneous Notes
The following notes should be read and understood before attempting to maintain webMethods Module for SWIFT parsing templates.
*While SWIFT defines block 1 as the only mandatory block, in general the parsing templates define blocks 1 through 4 as mandatory.
*Individual optional repeating fields must be defined as a mandatory field within an optional block.
*When loadBlockHint / blockPointer is used, isMandatory must be true and isList must be false.
*If extractHint uses chunk parameter (CK), idHint must also be CK.
*loadBlockField and associated loadBlockHint / blockPointer can only occur once in the parsing template.
*Block 3 must include field 108. This is required to correctly process ACK/NAK messages received from the SWIFT network.