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About TN Document Types for SWIFT Messages
TN document types are definitions that tell Trading Networks how to identify a type of business document and specify the attributes that Trading Networks should extract from the business document.
When you run the wm.fin.dev:importFINItems service (located in the WmFIN package) to create a record for a particular SWIFT message DFD, you can specify that the service also create the TN document types for this message.
When SWIFT Module receives a message, it invokes a Trading Networks service to recognize the type of business document by using the TN document types and the message records that you created. When Trading Networks matches the TN document type to the corresponding business document, Trading Networks extracts the specific pieces of information from the business document as indicated by the TN document type definition.
Define a TN document type to identify the format of the document generated by your back-end system that must be converted to a SWIFT message. When you create the TN document type, be sure to extract the SenderID and ReceiverID system attributes. (These values are the BICs for the sender and receiver.)
For instructions on defining TN document types, see webMethods Trading Networks Administrator’s Guide.