SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Configuring SWIFT Module for FileAct and InterAct Message Exchange over SAG | Configuration Steps for InterAct and FileAct Messaging Services over SAG RAHA | Step 1: Prepare the Server to Handle Requests | Task 1: Configuring SWIFT Alliance Gateway
Task 1: Configuring SWIFT Alliance Gateway
*To configure SWIFT Alliance Gateway (SAG)
1. Install RAHA. Install RAHA on the same machine as SAG. RAHA enables SAG to exchange messages and files with the RA client on the same machine as your Integration Server. To obtain an appropriate RAHA, contact SWIFT.
2. Configure Message Partners and Endpoints. Configure the server message partners for the server module, and the client message partners for the client module.
If at any time SAG restarts, you must reload the WmSWIFTNetServer and WmSWIFTNetClient packages.
For more information about completing these steps, see SWIFT Alliance Gateway File Transfer Interface Guide, SWIFT Alliance Gateway Operations Guide, and Remote API for SWIFT Alliance Gateway Operations Guide.