SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Configuring SWIFT Module for FileAct and InterAct Message Exchange over SAG | Configuration Steps for InterAct and FileAct Messaging Services over SAG MQHA | Step 3: Initialization and Request-Time Operations for Your Client or Server Application | Initializing the Client or Server Application
Initializing the Client or Server Application
To initialize the client and the server application, first configure the input fields for the initialization request in SWIFT Module, as described in Step 1: Prepare the Server to Handle Requests and Step 2: Prepare the Client to Handle Requests.
Initializing the client and server applications involves the exchange of primitives, as required by SWIFT. You can find sample services that demonstrate this primitive exchange for each type of application in the SWIFT Module samples.
During initialization, a security context is established between the client and server applications with the specified MessagePartner. The security context for the userDN parameter is stored in the shared cache with MessagePartner as its key value pair. The security context is fetched from the shared cache when sending or receiving requests from SWIFT Network. Once the server and client initialization is complete, the server can handle all incoming requests and the client can send requests to SWIFT Network.