SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Configuring SWIFT Module for Message Exchange over SAA | Configuring Notifications for Messages in XML v2 Format | Overview
SWIFT Module handles all levels of notification that SWIFT Alliance Access (SAA) sends in response to requests from SWIFT Module:
*Information notification: When SAA receives MT messages from SWIFT Module, SAA validates the structure and the security signature of the message against SWIFT standards. If the message fails validation, SAA routes the message to a specific routing point and sends an information notification and message status to SWIFT Module.
*Transmission notification: SWIFT Central Services validates messages for FIN, InterAct, and FileAct services, and returns either a Positive (ACK) or Negative (NAK) acknowledgment. If SWIFT accepts the message, it returns ACK. If the message validation fails, SWIFT rejects the message and returns NAK. SAA maps these acknowledgments into transmission notifications and sends them to SWIFT Module.
*Delivery notification: When the message is delivered to the receiver, SWIFT Central Services sends a Delivery Notification (DeIN) acknowledgment. SAA maps DeIN into a delivery report or delivery notification and sends it to SWIFT Module.
SWIFT Module handles notifications using site-specific processing, configured through Trading Networks processing rules. SWIFT Module provides you with the TN documents required to recognize the notification messages. Trading Networks saves incoming notifications and associates them with the original messages using the corresponding processing rule. You can see related messages by viewing the documents in Trading Networks.
SWIFT Module handles notifications only for messages exchanged over SAA in XML v2 format.