SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Configuring SWIFT Module for Message Exchange over SAA | Using SAA to Exchange XML v2 Wrapped MT and MX Messages | Exchanging MX Messages through SAA | Step 4: Send the MX Message to SAA | Viewing Detailed Information About MX Messages
Viewing Detailed Information About MX Messages
In the Transaction Details panel, you can view detailed information for the MX message that SWIFT Module submits to Trading Networks:
*The Attributes tab provides details about the MX message bizdoc. The User Status attribute provides important information about the status of the message transmission to SAA. The status, Waiting SWIFT Network, shows that Trading Networks has submitted the MT message to SAA successfully and is waiting for an acknowledgment from the SWIFT Network. Trading Networks updates the status to reflect the state of the message transmission. If a problem occurs while sending the document, the User Status is updated to SentFailed.
*The Content tab provides the following information:
*The Data PDU content of the MX message bizdoc
*The MX Header
*The MX Document
For examples of the Data PDU content, the MX Header, and the MX Document, see Examples of Data PDU Content of Documents.
*The Activity Log tab shows the activity log entry for the MX message type. In the Details section, you can view the full message for the entry. The message contains the name of the default processing service for this document.
For information about how to view information for notifications and their related MX messages, see Step 3: View Notifications and Related Messages.
For information about searching and viewing transactions, see webMethods Trading Networks Administrator’s Guide.