SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Getting Started | Installing webMethods Module for SWIFT | Uninstalling SWIFT Module
Uninstalling SWIFT Module
Before you uninstall SWIFT Module, stop all RMI Registry services that are running.
*To uninstall SWIFT Module
1. Uninstalling SWIFT Module removes all components in the SWIFT Module packages. If you want to keep certain records or services from the existing SWIFT Module packages on your Integration Server, export them to a new package.
To do so, open Designer, select the package or the service you want to export, and select File > Export.
*If you select a package, the entire package is exported.
*If you select a service, only the selected service is exported.
2. Shut down the Integration Server that hosts SWIFT Module.
3. Start Software AG Uninstaller, selecting the webMethods installation directory that contains the host Integration Server. In the product selection list, select eStandards > webMethods Module 7.1 SP10 for SWIFT and any other products and items you want to uninstall.
4. Restart the host Integration Server.
Software AG Uninstaller removes all webMethods Module for SWIFT 7.1 SP10-related files that were installed. However, Uninstaller does not delete files created after you installed the module (for example, user-created files or configuration files), nor does it delete the module directory structure. You can navigate to the Integration Server_directory \packages directory and Integration Server_directory \instances\default\packages directory. Delete the WmSWIFT-related directories.