SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Configuring SWIFT Module for Message Exchange over SAA | Configuring SWIFT Interfaces | Using the CASmf Services to Communicate with SWIFT | webMethods CASmf Services
webMethods CASmf Services
The webMethods CASmf services are part of the WmFIN package and the following diagram illustrates how the webMethods CASmf services interact with the other webMethods product suite components.
The following table describes the components that interact with the webMethods CASmf services.
WmFIN package
The package that contains the webMethods CASmf services.
WmCASmf service
The service that transfers SWIFT FIN messages to and from the SAA system using CASmf.
CASmf Client
The client enables the CASmf services to interface with the CASmf server.
CASmf Server
The server enables communication between the CASmf client and SAA.
SWIFT software configured to access the SWIFT Transport Network (STN), SWIFT's original network accessed using x.25 transport technologies.
SWIFT Transport Network (STN)
The existing SWIFT interface, a computer system provided and operated by the user, which enables communication with the SWIFT network.