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SWIFTNet InterAct
SWIFTNet InterAct allows the exchange of messages between parties in synchronous mode, using the Exchange Request function, or asynchronous mode, using the Send/Wait Request function.
*In synchronous mode, the Exchange Request function sends data to the Responder application. This function blocks the Requester application until the response is returned from the Responder and delivered to the Requester.
The Responder SAG sends a Handle Request primitive to the Responder application, which processes it and returns a Handle Response primitive. The Responder SAG then sends the Exchange Response primitive back to the Requester application.
*In asynchronous mode, the Send/Wait Requests function sends data. The Requester application initiates a send request to SNL. SNL accepts or rejects the request immediately, and simultaneously unblocks the Requester application so that it can perform other tasks. The message is forwarded to the destination SNL and delivered to the Responder application. The subsequent response is returned to the Requester SNL where the Requester collects it through a Wait Request.
*The requests and responses for both Exchange and Send/Wait requests are coded in XML and passed between the communicating SNL instances over SIPN.