SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Getting Started | Concepts | FpML Message Exchange Support
FpML Message Exchange Support
SWIFT Module provides support for FpML message exchange over SWIFTNet. FpML messages are XML messages for the transfer of Over The Counter (OTC) derivatives over SWIFTNet. FpML-compliant messages in XML format are transferred over SWIFTNet using the SWIFTNet InterAct store-and-forward messaging service.
Before you can exchange FpML messages over SWIFTNet, you must register with SWIFT.
SWIFT Module provides the following support for the transfer of FpML messages:
*Store-and-Forward mode of message exchange over SAA in XML v2 format or directly over SAG.
*Reconciliation of delivery notifications with the original messages.
*Populating the XML v2 header when sending FpML messages to SAA or SAG. You can set similar flags in an XML v2 message when sending a message to the counterparty.
*Message validation.
*Built-in support for schema validation.
*Semantic validation of all XML messages.
The non-repudiation of emission and reception of transferred messages is also required for the exchange of FpML messages over SWIFTNet, but this requirement is handled by SAA or SAG. SWIFT Module does not provide any support for signature generation.
For more information about FpML message exchange over SWIFTNet, see the SWIFT documentation.
FpML messages are based on FpML schemas provided by SWIFT that you can import using the Integration Server functionality for creating a schema. You can create the corresponding document types for the FpML schemas using the Integration Server functionality for creating IS document types. For more information about creating IS schemas and IS document types, see Step 3: Create IS Schema and IS Document Type and webMethods Service Development Help.