SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | WmSWIFTNetClient Package Services | wm.swiftnet.client.services Folder | wm.swiftnet.client.services:exchangeFileRequest
This service requests SAG to perform a FileAct operation (real-time get file or put file, and SnF put file). The information whether to put a file or get a file is specified in the Sw:ExchangeFileRequest primitive. The service sends the Sw:ExchangeFileRequest to SAG over RA and returns the Sw:ExchangeFileResponse received from SAG.
Input Parameters
Document Reference Request to perform a FileAct operation.
Output Parameters
Document Reference Response indicating success or failure of the FileAct operation.
String Whether an error occurred. Valid values: true and false.
String Conditional. Error details received from SAG.