SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | WmFIN Package Services | wm.fin.sepa Folder | wm.fin.sepa:validateAdherenceStatus
This service validates a BIC's adherence status to confirm that an institution has signed an adherence agreement for a particular scheme and is published in the EPC Register of Participants (that is, the adherence database).
1. Splits the BIC into a BIC code (the first 8 characters) and a branch code (characters 9 to 11). If the branch code is empty, substitutes it with XXX.
2. Searches the data file with the BIC code, branch code, service level (for example, SEPA), and scheme instrument.
3. If no record is found for a specific branch code, repeats the search with XXX in the branch code.
If at least one record is found in which the Adherent Institution Flag has the value P (Published Institution), then the institution has been published in the EPC Register.
If no record is found, you may consult the EPC Register of Participants directly. If the bank is listed as adherent to the scheme, then the bank may not have registered its routing information in the SEPA Routing Directory or may not have provided to SWIFT the institutions' reference BIC as provided on the scheme Adherence Agreement Schedule form.
Input Parameters
String BIC code of the financial institution.
String The SEPA service level.
String The scheme instruments within the SEPA service level for which data is collected and published.
Output Parameters
String Specifies if the input BIC code adheres to the input scheme. Valid values are true and false.
String Specifies the reason if isAdherent is false.
String Specifies the error message if an error occurs.
String Specifies whether an error occurred. Valid values: yes and no.