SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | WmFIN Package Services | wm.fin.sepa Folder | wm.fin.sepa:getOtherPaymentChannel
This service identifies the payment channels available to the financial institution with the input BIC code, using an intermediary institution, as follows:
1. Retrieves the BIC from the intermediary institution BIC field.
2. Splits the intermediary institution BIC into a BIC code (the first 8 characters) and a branch code (characters 9 to 11). If the branch code is empty, substitutes it with XXX.
3. Searches the data file with the BIC code, branch code, service level (for example, SEPA), and scheme instrument.
4. If no record is found for a specific branch code, repeats the search with XXX in the branch code.
The search may return multiple rows if the intermediary institution is reachable through multiple payment channels.
*The PaymentChannelID field in each retrieved record provides the list of possible payment channels through which the intermediary institution BIC is reachable.
*The ValidFrom and ValidTo date fields restrict the validity of the entries.
Input Parameters
String BIC code of the financial institution.
String The SEPA service level.
String The scheme instruments within the SEPA service level for which data is collected and published.
Output Parameters
String Conditional. Indicates that there is no available payment channel.
Document List The available payment channel.
String The ID of the available payment channel.
ValidFrom, ValidTo
String Indicates the validity of the available payment channels.
String Specifies the error message, if an error occurs.
String Specifies whether an error occurred. Valid values: yes and no.