SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | WmFIN Package Services | wm.casmf.trp Folder | wm.casmf.trp:casmfSendReceiveSchedule
Run as a scheduled job. This service does the following:
1. Sends all the outbound messages to CASmf. It uses the value specified for wm.casmf.send.mapidin the wmcasmf.cnf file (located in the folder, Integration Server_directory \packages\WmFIN\config).
2. Retrieves the incoming messages from CASmf using the value specified for wm.casmf.receive.mapid in the wmcasmf.cnf file.
3. Publishes the received messages to Integration Server and webMethods Broker for processing by the WmFIN package service, wm.fin.trp:receive.