SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | WmFIN Package Services | wm.fin.format Folder | wm.fin.format:convertFINToIData
This service converts a SWIFT message into FIN IData. It loads a “parse” template into memory to create the correct structure.
Input Parameters
String Valid SWIFT message.
String Optional. Version number of the SWIFT message record being used, for example, nov10.
When using this service to convert a SWIFT acknowledgment (ACK) or negative acknowledgment (NAK) to an IData object, do not specify the version input variable because ACKs and NAKs are version neutral.
String Optional. SWIFT message type identifier, for example, 541. Specify a value for msgType if the SWIFT message does not contain a Block 2. If Block 2 is present, the module retrieves the SWIFT message type from Block 2 of the message.
String Optional. Valid values are true and false. Formats the new line or line feed characters to SWIFT specific control characters “\r\n”.
As per SWIFT specification the path separator for all the lines in block 4 is “\r\n”. “\r”- is specified as the line feed character and “\n”- as the new line character.
Output Parameters
Document Conditional. FIN IData in the format specified.