SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | WmFIN Package Services | wm.fin.bic Folder | wm.fin.bic:validateBankID
This service validates the National Code for a financial institution, as follows:
1. Retrieves the country code (the first two characters) from the IBAN.
2. Retrieves the Unique_ IBAN_National_Id from the IBAN using the IBANStructure list.
3. In the Bank Directory Plus list, searches the row using the IBAN_Country_Code and the Unique_IBAN_National_Id as search criteria.
4. If the row exists, the national code is valid.
Input Parameters
String IBAN of the financial institution.
Output Parameters
String Specifies whether the validation succeeded. Valid values: true and false.
String Specifies the error message, if an error occurs.
String Specifies whether an error occurred. Valid values: yes and no.