SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | WmFIN Package Services | Summary of Folders
Summary of Folders
The WmFIN package contains services used to implement and support the SWIFT FIN-compliant functionality of webMethods Module for SWIFT. The package provides core services for processing and transporting MX and MT messages, as well as services for handling inbound notifications from SWIFT Alliance Access to webMethods Module for SWIFT.
The package contains the following folders:
Services that perform initialization routines for CASmf.
Services that send and receive messages using CASmf.
Services that retrieve property values specified in the Integration Server_directory \packages\WmFIN\config\wmcasmf.cnf file.
Services that derive or validate Bank Directory Plus information.
Services that install and configure new SWIFT FIN messages during design-time.
Services that load and use the FIN Data Field Dictionary (DFD).
Document structures that represent particular sections of SWIFT FIN messages, such as the header and trailer structures and their fields, and the generic structure definitions for incoming and outgoing SWIFT FIN messages.
Services that define the record definitions that describe the record structures for the body of the FIN acknowledgment.
Record definitions that describe the record structures used to represent the header sections of a SWIFT message.
Record definitions that describe the record structures used to represent the trailer section (block 5) of a SWIFT message.
Services that are used in converting formats, such as a SWIFT message format, into a FIN IData.
Services that initialize or de-initialize FIN packages on startup and shutdown of Integration Server.
Services that provide easy frameworks for creating the header and trailer sections of SWIFT FIN messages for outbound (to be sent to SWIFT) messages.
Services that support Market Practices for some Category 5 messages. The services in this package are for internal use only.
Services that use utility functions to implement network validation rules.
Services that derive or validate data against the SEPA Routing directory.
Services that exchange messages with SWIFT using Automated File Transfer (AFT) and MQSeries.
Services that provide single-point access to send and receive SWIFT FIN messages.
Services that manage utilities.
Services that facilitate the validation of a SWIFT FIN message.
Services that support the conversion of MT messages into a flat file or XML format, as needed using SDK related Java services, XSDs, and IS document types.
Services that validate an MX message against the SWIFT generic rule book.
Service that create Trading Networks data for a particular message type.
Service that define a TN document type that is used as the TPA document.
Service that handle incoming delivery notifications.
Services that apply processing rules to documents exchanged over SAA.
Service that submit DataPDU input in XML format to Trading Networks for further processing of the bizdoc.
Utility services used for message encoding.