SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | WmFIN Package Services | wm.sdk.fin Folder | wm.sdk.fin.converter:convertMTFlatFileToMTXML
This service converts the entire flat file MT message into an MT XML message.
Input Parameters
String Required. The version of SWIFT SDK. This service uses the SDK version to determine which MT IS document schema to apply during file conversion. Valid values are any SDK version that SWIFT Module supports (for example, version 2009 or 2010).
String Required. The FIN flat file MT message. This service converts the flat file into MT XML format.
String Optional. Formats the input with carriage return and line feed characters (“\r\n”) to comply with SWIFT message specifications.
The path separator for all the lines in block 4 is “\r\n”. The carriage return (\r) is omitted from the input file when viewed in the message editor. When this parameter is set to true, the service inserts the omitted carriage return character.
Valid values are true and false:
*true (Default) The service applies the correct “\r\n” formatting to the input file. This parameter must be true (selected) when providing the finMsg through the user interface dialog box.
*false This parameter is false (unselected) when the service processes the finMsg input from a file or from the previous step in the pipeline.
Output Parameters
String The XML message generated from the original finMsg flat file.
Document Reference Errors encountered during processing are reported using the standard “wm.sdk.rec.mtxsd:ErrorReport” document type format. The following tags are included within the XML error document:
Document The opening XML tag for the errors generated during conversion.
Document List List of conversion errors generated during processing.
String Code corresponding to the error in SWIFT format (for example, TC00103). For more information see SDK Error Descriptions.
String Message corresponding to the error code in SWIFT format (for example, “The message content is invalid Details: MT2XML.002.004”).
Document Location within the finMsg where the conversion failed.
String Line number within the finMsg where the conversion failed.