SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | Package Services | WmFIN Package Services | wm.fin.trp Folder | wm.fin.trp:send
Deprecated. This service formats IData into a SWIFT FIN message, persists the message in Trading Networks, and validates it. Once validated, the service sends the message to SAA, using the transport protocol configured in the TPA for the corresponding message type.
Input Parameters
Document Block 4 of flat file FIN message in IS document format, for example, wm.fin.doc.nov11.cat5:MT564.
String Sender ID used to retrieve TPA data from Trading Networks. Default is unknown.
String Receiver ID used to retrieve the TPA data from Trading Networks. Default is unknown.
String Type of the FIN message, for example 564.
Output Parameters
Usage Notes
This service is deprecated and is replaced by wm.fin.trp:sendMessage.