SWIFT Module 7.1 SP10.July 2020 | About this help | Document Conventions
Document Conventions
Identifies elements on a screen.
Variables for which you must supply values specific to your own situation or environment.
New terms the first time they occur in the text.
References to other documentation sources.
Monospace font
Text you must type in.
Messages displayed by the system.
Program code.
Service names and locations in the format folder.subfolder.service
APIs, Java classes, methods, properties.
{ }
Indicates a set of choices from which you must choose one. Type only the information inside the curly braces. Do not type the { } symbols.
Separates two mutually exclusive choices in a syntax line. Type one of these choices. Do not type the | symbol.
[ ]
Indicates one or more options. Type only the information inside the square brackets. Do not type the [ ] symbols.
Indicates that you can type multiple options of the same type. Type only the information. Do not type the ellipsis (...).