webMethods HIPAA Link Module

Release Notes

webMethods HIPAA Link Module Version 7.1 FCS

Software AG is pleased to introduce Version 7.1 of webMethods HIPAA Link Module First Customer Ship (FCS). This webMethods component is a comprehensive and highly scalable solution that allows your organization to implement the HIPAA 4010, 4010 A1, and 5010 standards. webMethods HIPAA Link Module provides out-of-the-box ability to receive, parse, and validate all of the mandated HIPAA transactions as well as generate the appropriate acknowledgements. The module streamlines health care industry transactions by providing a solution for rapid and seamless integration of Providers, Payers, Routers, and Sponsors.

webMethods HIPAA Link Module 7.1 includes the following features:

Out-of-the-Box HIPAA Transactions

This enables you to quickly implement production solutions for automating the many interactions between you and your trading partners.

Out-of-the-Box Validation

webMethods HIPAA Link Module provides out-of-the-box validation through Level 6 as defined by WEDI-SNIP certification guidelines. You can customize webMethods HIPAA Link Module to add Level 7, trading partner-specific validation, if needed. In addition, you can choose to split HIPAA data into separate files after validation so that the valid data can be reused. You can also customize messages to send to partners based on validation results.

HIPAA 4010, 4010 A1, and 5010 Standards

webMethods HIPAA Link Module supports HIPAA 4010, 4010 A1, and 5010 standards out-of-the-box. With pre-packaged Integration Server and Trading Networks documents, you can easily transform an X12 document into an equivalent IS canonical document and vice versa.

Large Document Processing

Instead of processing large HIPAA EDI documents all at once, webMethods HIPAA Link Module processes documents segment by segment to improve performance.

Support for Acknowledgements

webMethods HIPAA Link Module fully supports HIPAA-defined success/failure notification of envelope errors using TA1 technical acknowledgements. The module also supports 997 functional acknowledgements and 999, 824, 277U and 277A acknowledgements to communicate the validation results. webMethods HIPAA Link Module lets you create acknowledgements automatically with a validation service.

Code Sets

HIPAA transactions are also validated for code sets. With webMethods HIPAA Link Module, you receive periodic updates to the code sets and you can always be up to date with the latest code sets.

Error Reports

webMethods HIPAA Link Module generates detailed error reports in HTML and XML formats. You can send these reports in an e-mail message to a person in your enterprise or to a trading partner.

Leveraging Existing Investments in Enterprise Solutions

You do so by accepting information from EDI-based systems to populate documents in HIPAA format.

Transaction Logging and Audit Trails

This ensures the integrity of all trading partner transactions. Automatic archival of transaction messages ensures non-repudiation of content.

For additional information, see the webMethods HIPAA Link Module Installation and User’s Guide on the Software AG documentation site.


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