webMethods Adapters

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Each adapter supports different releases of webMethods products. For the adapters listed below, the webMethods Adapters System Requirements specifies the operating systems, webMethods products, and third-party products that each adapter supports.

          webMethods Adapters System Requirements
          webMethods All Adapters Bundle
         Adapter Runtime
         Adapter Development Kit
         Adapter for Apache HBase
         Adapter for Apache Cassandra
         Adapter for Apache Kafka
         Ariba Supplier on Ramp
         AS/400 Adapter
         BigData Driver
         Content Integration Adapter
         EntireX Adapter
         Adapter for Enterprise JavaBeans
         Adapter for HDFS
         Adapter for JDBC
         Adapter for JMS
         Lotus Notes Adapter
         Package for Microsoft .NET
         Adapter for MongoDB
         MSMQ Adapter
         Adapter for OFTP
         OnRamp for Commerce One MarketSite Adapter
         Adapter for OPC
         Oracle Applications Adapter
         PeopleSoft Adapter
         PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne Adapter
         Remedy Adapter
         Adapter for Salesforce
         SAP Adapter
         Siebel Adapter
         SOPERA Adapter
         Tamino Adapter
         Adapter for Terracotta DB
         Tuxedo Adapter
         WebSphere MQ Adapter
         X.400 Adapter
         XI Adapter

Page last updated: December 2, 2019