webMethods X.400 Adapter

Release Notes

webMethods X.400 Adapter Version 6.5

Software AG is pleased to introduce webMethods X.400 Adapter 6.5. Built on top of webMethods Trading Networks and webMethods Integration Server, webMethods X.400 Adapter provides simple adapter services to communicate with X.400 servers to send and receive mail. X.400 is a popular set of email standards specified by the ITU-TS (International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication Standard Sector), popular in Europe and Canada. The X.400 standard provides detailed specifications for message handling systems and services for message exchange.

The webMethods X.400 Adapter provides a way for webMethods Trading Networks to communicate with X.400 servers using ADDONMAIL UA-FI communication software. This version of the adapter is for use on Unix systems, and is implemented as an Integration Server Gateway Service.

Send and Receive X.400 Messages

The adapter provides services to send and receive interpersonal messages as well as X.435 EDI messages. The services work in conjunction with the Integration Server scheduler to periodically receive and send messages:

For details on all these features, see the webMethods X.400 Adapter User's Guide version 6.5 that is posted on the webMethods Advantage Product Download Site and the Advantage Bookshelf (http://advantage.webmethods.com/Bookshelf).

Platform Support

For the most up to date information about the software and operating systems that the adapter supports, see the webMethods Adapter System Requirements document that is posted on the Advantage Bookshelf (http://advantage.webmethods.com/Bookshelf).

For information about previous releases of webMethods X.400 Adapter, see the release notes for those releases.

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