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Retrieving Inbound Messages in a Group
Use the Get or Peek service to retrieve inbound messages from a queue that are already part of a group.
*To retrieve inbound messages in a group
1. Configure a Get or Peek service using Designer.
For detailed instructions on how to configure the Get or Peek services, see either Configuring Get Services or Configuring Peek Services.
2. To retrieve messages that are a part of a group, specify a value for the GroupId or the GroupIdByteArray property field on the MQMD Header tab in the Get or Peek adapter service editor.
The Get or Peek service filters on and retrieves only those messages that match the specified GroupId value, which are part of a group.
You can enter this value either as a string in the GroupId property field (24 alphanumeric single-byte characters) property field or as a byte array in the GroupIdByteArray(24 bytes) property field. If you specify values for both of these property fields, then WebSphere MQ Adapter uses the byte array value.