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Listener Notifications
Asynchronous Listener Notifications
Synchronous Listener Notifications
A listener notification works in conjunction with a listener to filter and process messages in WebSphere MQ Adapter. When a listener detects a message on a queue, the listener performs a Get operation to retrieve the message, and passes the message to the listener notification. The listener notification receives the message and performs an additional filter on the messages, based on the filter criteria that you selected when you configured the listener notification. The listener notification processes the message either synchronously or asynchronously.
When notifications are used with multi-queue listeners, by default, the child listeners use the notifications configured for the parent. You can register notifications with individual child listeners, in which case these notifications will override the notifications inherited from its parent.
WebSphere MQ Adapter has two listener notification types:
*Asynchronous Listener Notifications
*Synchronous Listener Notifications