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Adapter Connections
Transaction Management of WebSphere MQ Adapter Connections
Connection Pools
Built-In Services For Connections
WebSphere MQ Adapter connects to a queue or to multiple queues at run time. You can configure one or more connections at design time to use in integrations. The number of connections you configure, and the types of those connections, depend on the number of queues that you are connecting to and your integration needs.
WebSphere MQ Adapter connections contain parameters that Integration Server uses to manage connections to the queue. WebSphere MQ Adapter uses these connections to provide services. You configure connections using Integration Server Administrator. You must have webMethods administrator privileges to access WebSphere MQ Adapter administrative screens.
For instructions for configuring and managing WebSphere MQ Adapter connections, see Adapter Connections. For information about setting user privileges, see the webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide for your release.
For a list of tasks that you must do before you can create your connections, see Before Configuring or Managing Adapter Connections.