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Setting Permissions in WebSphere MQ
In order to create an adapter connection or run an adapter service that connects to a WebSphere MQ queue, you must ensure that the following permissions are set for the user:
To do this...
Set these WebSphere MQ User Permissions...
Create a new connection
connect, inq (Queue Manager)
Run a Put service
put, setid (Queue)
setid (QueueManager)
Run a Get Service
get, inq (Queue)
Run a Peek service
browse, inq (Queue)
Note that even if the above permissions are set, you may receive a "Not Authorized (2035)" error when trying to find queues when creating or editing an adapter connection. The error does not prevent you from creating a connection or executing the services. This error occurs because the PCF command for the Find Queues function requires the user to have dsp permission over all the queues in the Queue Manager. Because the user authority of the SYSTEM.AUTH.DATA.QUEUE can only be granted to a user that has Administrator privilege or is part of the mqm group, a custom user will not be able to find queues using the Find Queues button.