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Before you Configure New Listeners
Perform the following tasks before configuring new listeners.
*Before you configure a new listener
1. Install webMethods Integration Server and WebSphere MQ Adapter on the same machine. For details, see Installing, Upgrading, and Uninstalling WebSphere MQ Adapter.
2. Make sure that you have webMethods administrator privileges so that you can access WebSphere MQ Adapter administrative screens. For information about setting user privileges, see the webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide for your release.
3. Start Integration Server and Integration Server Administrator, if they are not already running.
4. Using Integration Server Administrator, make sure that the WmMQAdapter package is enabled. To verify the status of the WmMQAdapter package, see Enabling Packages.
5. Using Software AG Designer, create a user-defined package to contain the listener, if you have not already done so. For more information about managing packages, see Package Management.
If you are using Designer, use the Service Development perspective. For more information, see the webMethods Service Development Help for your release.
6. Using Integration Server Administrator, configure a valid connection. For more information about configuring connections, see Adapter Connections.