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Testing Publishable Document Types
You can test a publishable document type that is associated with an asynchronous notification running it in Designer. When you test a publishable document type, you provide input values that Designer uses to create an instance of the publishable document type. You also specify a publishing method (such as publish, publish and wait, deliver, or deliver and wait). Designer then publishes a document and displays the results of the publish in the Results dialog box. Testing a publishable document type provides a way for you to publish a document without building a service that does the actual publishing. If you select a publication action where you wait for a reply document, you can verify whether or not reply documents are received.
Prior to running the PublishDocument, you need to make sure that you uncheck the Field must exist at run-time field on the msgBody property. To access this field, right-click on msgBody, select Properties, and then select the Constraints tab. When you test a publishable document type, Integration Server actually publishes the document locally or to Broker (whichever is specified).
For instructions on how to test a publishable document type, see the Publish-Subscribe Developer’s Guide for your release.
Envelope parameters define the sender's address, the time the document was sent, password and certificate information, and other useful information for routing and control. For a complete description of the envelope parameters located in the WmPublic folder, see the webMethods Integration Server Built-In Services Reference for your release.