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Enabling Listeners
Before you enable a listener, you need to configure one or more notifications to associate with the listener. If no notifications are configured when you enable the listener, then the Integration Server Administrator displays the following warning message: "No notifications for listener."
After you have configured your notifications, you must enable the listener so that the associated notifications will communicate appropriately with the listener at run time. You enable the listeners using the Integration Server Administrator. For more information on configuring listeners and notifications, see the sections on Configuring New Listeners and Configuring Listener Notifications.
When you reload a package that contains enabled listeners, the listeners will automatically be enabled when the package reloads. If the package contains listeners that are disabled, they will remain disabled when the package reloads.
You cannot enable a child listener. If you enable a parent listener, all the child listeners associated with that parent will be enabled.
*To enable a listener
1. In the Adapters menu in the navigation area of the Integration Server Administrator, click WebSphere MQ Adapter.
2. In the WebSphere MQ Adapter menu, click Listeners.
3. The Listeners screen appears.
*If you are running Integration Server version 6.1 SP1 or later, click No in the Enabled column for the listener you want to enable.
Integration Server Administrator enables the listener and displays a and Yes in the Enabled column.
*If you are running Integration Server version 6.5, select Enabled from the drop-down list in the State field.
Integration Server Administrator enables the listener.
The Enable all suspended link helps you change the state quickly for multiple listeners.