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Editing the Notification Order of a Listener
You are allowed to change the notification order of the child listeners only if a child listener is directly associated with notifications (not inheriting the notifications from the parent). The link to change the notification order is inactive for the child listeners that do not have any notifications configured.
*To edit the notification order of a listener
1. In the Adapters menu in the navigation area of Integration Server Administrator, click WebSphere MQ Adapter.
2. In the WebSphere MQ Adapter menu, click Listeners.
3. On the Listeners screen, make sure that the listener is disabled before editing. To disable the listener, see Disabling Listeners.
4. On the Listeners screen, click the icon for the listener that you want to edit.
5. On the Edit Listener screen, click Edit Notification Order.
6. On the Edit Notification Order screen, use the Up and Down buttons to determine the processing order in which WebSphere MQ Adapter invokes the notifications.
For better processing results, arrange your notifications from ascending to descending order starting with the most detailed notifications to the least detailed notifications. For more information on notifications and their filter criteria, see Considerations for Listener Notifications.
7. Click Save Changes to save the notification order of the listener.
8. Click Return to WmMQAdapter to return to the Edit Listener screen.