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Adapter Message Logging
Overriding Adapter Messages
Integration Server maintains several types of logs; however, WebSphere MQ Adapter only logs messages to the audit, error, and server logs. Because WebSphere MQ Adapter works in conjunction with the WmART package, the adapter's messages and exceptions typically appear within log messages for the WmART package.
The following table shows the logging levels for WebSphere MQ Adapter:
Integration Server
Integration Server 7.1 or higher
You can monitor individual adapter services using the audit log as you would audit any service in Integration Server. The audit properties for an adapter service are available in the WebSphere MQ Adapter service template on the Audit tab.
WebSphere MQ Adapter automatically posts fatal-level and error-level log messages to the error log. These log messages appear as adapter run-time messages.
WebSphere MQ Adapter posts messages to the server log, depending on how the server log is configured. Fatal-level through debug-level log messages appear as adapter run-time log messages. Trace-level log messages appear as WebSphere MQ Adapter log messages.
WebSphere MQ Adapter log messages appear in the following format, ADA.0600.nnnnc, where:
*ADA is the facility code that indicates that the message is from an adapter.
*0600 (or 600) is the WebSphere MQ Adapter major code, which indicates that the error is generated by WebSphere MQ Adapter.
*nnnn represents the error's minor code. For detailed descriptions of WebSphere MQ Adapter minor codes, see Adapter Error Codes.
*c represents the message's severity level (optional).
To monitor WebSphere MQ Adapter log messages in the Server log, ensure that your server log's logging settings are configured to monitor the following facilities:
*0113 Adapter Runtime (Managed Object)
*0114 Adapter Runtime
*0115 Adapter Runtime (Listener)
*0116 Adapter Runtime (Notification)
*0117 Adapter Runtime (Adapter Service)
*0118 Adapter Runtime (Connection)
*0121 Adapter Runtime (SCC Transaction Manager)
*0126 Adapter Runtime (SCC Connection Manager)