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Deleting WebSphere MQ Adapter Connections
If you no longer want to use a particular WebSphere MQ Adapter connection, you can delete it by following the instructions in this section. You delete adapter connections using Integration Server Administrator.
If you delete a WebSphere MQ Adapter connection, the adapter services and listeners that are defined to use the connection will no longer work unless you change the connection an adapter service uses.
You can assign a different connection to an adapter service and re-use the service. To do this, you use the built-in webMethods function pub.art.service:setAdapterServiceNodeConnection. For more information, see Programmatically Change the Connection Associated with an Adapter Service at Design Time.
*To delete a WebSphere MQ Adapter connection
1. In the Adapters menu in the navigation area of Integration Server Administrator, click WebSphere MQ Adapter.
2. Make sure that the connection is disabled before deleting. To disable the connection, see Disabling WebSphere MQ Adapter Connections.
3. On the Connections screen, click for the connection you want to delete.
Integration Server deletes the adapter connection.