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Editing WebSphere MQ Adapter Connections
If the login information changes, or if you want to redefine parameters that a connection uses when connecting to a queue, you can update a connection's parameters using Integration Server Administrator.
*To edit a WebSphere MQ Adapter connection
1. In the Adapters menu in the navigation area of Integration Server Administrator, click WebSphere MQ Adapter.
2. Make sure that the connection is disabled before editing. To disable the connection, see Disabling WebSphere MQ Adapter Connections.
3. On the Connections screen, click the icon for the connection you want to edit.
The Edit Connection screen displays the current parameters for the connection. Update the connection's parameters by typing or selecting the values you want to specify.
For descriptions for the connection parameters, see Configuring WebSphere MQ Adapter Connections.
If you change the Queue Name parameter of the connection associated with a multi-queue listener, you must also open the multi-queue listener for edit and save the listener so that the adapter can re-create the listeners.
4. Click Save Changes to save the connection and return to the Connections screen.