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Transaction Error Situations
When Integration Server encounters a situation that could compromise transactional integrity, it throws an error. Such situations include the following:
*A transaction includes a resource that only supports local transactions.
If a transaction accesses multiple resources, and more than one of the resources only supports local transactions, the integrity of the transaction cannot be guaranteed. For example, if the first resource successfully commits, and the second resource fails to commit, the first resource interaction cannot be rolled back; it has already been committed. To help prevent this problem, Integration Server detects this case when connecting to more than one resource that does not support two-phase commits. It throws a runtime exception and the service execution fails.
Because this situation may be acceptable in some applications, the adapter user can include an input in the startTransaction service to cause Integration Server to allow this situation.
*A resource is used in both a parent transaction and a nested transaction.
This situation is ambiguous, and most likely means that a nested transaction was not properly closed.
*A parent transaction is closed before its nested transaction.
After a service request has invoked all its services, but before returning results to the caller, the service may commit its work. This commit could fail if the resource is unavailable or rejects the commit. This will cause the entire server request to fail, and to roll back the transaction.