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Changing the Integration Server Transaction Timeout Interval
The Integration Server default transaction timeout is no timeout (NO_TIMEOUT). To change the server's transaction timeout interval, use a text editor to modify the server.cnf file and add the watt.art.tmgr.timeout parameter. Note that this parameter does not exist by default in the server.cnf file; you must add it to the file as described below.
This transaction timeout parameter does not halt the execution of a flow; it is the maximum number of seconds that a transaction can remain open and still be considered valid. For example, if your current transaction has a timeout value of 60 seconds and your flow takes 120 seconds to complete, the transaction manager will roll back all registered operations regardless of the execution status.
*To change the server's transaction timeout level
1. Shut down Integration Server.
2. Open the server.cnf file.
3. Add the following parameter to the server.cnf file:
where TransactionTimeout is the number of seconds before transaction timeout.
4. Restart Integration Server.
5. For more information about adding parameters to the server.cnf file, see the webMethods Integration Server Administrator’s Guide for your release.