webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter 6.0

Release Notes

The webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter (PeopleSoft Adapter) is a webMethods Integration Server adapter for integrating the webMethods product suite with PeopleSoft. The adapter integrates with PeopleSoft via the PeopleTools Pure Internet Architecture (PIA), which was introduced in PeopleTools 8.1x.

The PeopleSoft Adapter supports the Pure Internet Architecture via Java Component Interfaces (CIs). The PeopleSoft Adapter enables webMethods Integration Server users to generate adapter services that operate upon Component Interfaces.

Component Interfaces provide a Java API to PeopleTools components. This provides a method for building real-time request/reply integrations between webMethods and PeopleSoft. CI methods are available to query, insert, update, or delete data synchronously.

Summary of Major Features

Connectivity to PeopleSoft Systems

The PeopleSoft Adapter enables you to establish and manage connections to the PeopleSoft system. Through these connections you can create and run your integration.

Dynamically Look Up Component Interfaces

When developing your integrations, you use the adapter and its webMethods Developer screens to view and select Component Interfaces that reside on the PeopleSoft server.

Template-Based Integrations

The PeopleSoft Adapter provides service templates for interactions with the PeopleTools Component Interfaces. This makes it easy to develop adapter services to interact with PeopleSoft.

Service templates represent specific tasks for doing work with PeopleSoft. For example, a PeopleSoft Adapter service that Inserts data into PeopleSoft is based on the Insert service template included with the adapter. You can create specific adapter services using the templates and invoke them from your integration flow services.

The PeopleSoft Adapter provides the ability to generate adapter services that implement the following PeopleTools CI methods:


Executes the PeopleSoft Find method on the Component Interface. This operation returns a collection of Component Interfaces with their key values, and maps the collection to a webMethods record.


Executes the PeopleSoft Create method to add a record to the Component Interface.

Get or Update

Executes the PeopleSoft Get method to return the Component Interface matching the specified keys, or to populate the Component Interface with new values.

Delete Row

Executes the PeopleSoft Delete methods to delete a level 1 or higher CI record from a PeopleSoft component.

PeopleSoft-to-webMethods Communications

When using PeopleTools 8.41 and later, you can use the HTTP Connector provided by the PeopleTools Application Messaging Gateway to post XML documents to the webMethods Integration Server. The PeopleSoft Adapter provides predefined services that you use to receive the XML document from PeopleSoft. The PeopleSoft Adapter also provides documentation about using this approach and the predefined service.

Effective Date Processing Support

The PeopleSoft Adapter’s Update services can access and update effective-dated child-level records according to the date of the record.

Compatibility With Previous webMethods PeopleSoft Adapters

The webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter 6.0 is a new adapter and is not compatible with integrations built using the webMethods PeopleSoft PIA Adapter v2.0 or the webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter v1.0. That is, you cannot use the webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter 6.0 to run or edit services you generated using the earlier PeopleSoft adapters, and vice versa.

However, you can run the webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter 6.0 on the same Integration Server with earlier webMethods PeopleSoft adapters.

Platform Support

The webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter supports PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.18.05-8.19, 8.41, 8.42, and 8.43.

For a complete listing of the versions of PeopleSoft and of webMethods Integration Server with which the adapter works, see the webMethods PeopleSoft Adapter Installation Guide v6.0.

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