webMethods OnRamp for Commerce One MarketSite Version 3.0

Release Notes

webMethods is pleased to introduce the newest version of the webMethods OnRamp for Commerce One MarketSite. C1 OnRamp is an adapter that enables you to send xCBL business documents to and receive xCBL documents from Commerce One MarketSite applications using a webMethods Integration Server. Version 3.0 of C1 OnRamp provides enhancements and fixes designed to improve your interaction with Commerce One MarketSite.

Support for New Releases

C1 OnRamp 3.0 supports these new releases of related applications:

Support for Multiple MarketSites

In earlier C1 OnRamp releases, you could only configure C1 OnRamp to communicate with one MarketSite. In C1 OnRamp 3.0, you can configure C1 OnRamp to work with as many MarketSites as you need. To do so, you explicitly define an alias for each of the MarketSites.

Validation of Outgoing xCBL Documents

In earlier C1 OnRamp releases, if you wanted to validate xCBL documents you sent to MarketSite, you had to specify validation on a service-by-service basis. In C1 OnRamp 3.0, you can configure C1 OnRamp to validate all outgoing xCBL documents by default.

Testing Asynchronous Communication

In earlier C1 OnRamp releases, you could only test your connection to MarketSite synchronously. In C1 OnRamp 3.0, you can also test your connection asynchronously.

Conversion Between DDIDs and Other Types of IDs

For back-end systems that cannot handle the document destination identifiers (DDIDs) required by MarketSite to direct envelopes to their destinations, C1 OnRamp enables you to convert DDIDs to sender and recipient IDs and vice versa.

Upgraded Logging

In earlier C1 OnRamp releases, C1 OnRamp stored only the most recent envelope you sent or received during an C1 OnRamp session. For each envelope, C1 OnRamp stored either the reply envelope or errors if any occurred, but not both. In C1 OnRamp 3.0, you can have C1 OnRamp store no envelopes, a specified number of envelopes, or an unlimited number of envelopes during a session. When C1 OnRamp stores an envelope, it also stores the associated reply envelope and errors, if any.

In earlier C1 OnRamp releases, you could only access error information from outside C1 OnRamp. In C1 OnRamp 3.0, you can access error information from the C1 OnRamp interface. The envelopes for which the errors occurred are stored with the errors, and errors are persisted across sessions. If you want to delete errors, you must do so manually.

Ability to Use Trading Networks Features

C1 OnRamp 3.0 includes a new package named WmMarketConnectTN that enhances C1 OnRamp by using certain features of webMethods Trading Networks.

Support for Internationalization

C1 OnRamp 3.0 supports operation in non-English language environments. The release provides support for character encodings and proper formatting, display, and validation of data (such as number and date formats).

C1 OnRamp 3.0 changes the default character encoding to the UTF-8 encoding of Unicode for most HTML templates, DSP pages, and XML files. C1 OnRamp 3.0 is fully compliant with the requirements of the Unicode Standard Version 2.1.8 (see http://www.unicode.org). New server and service parameters allow you to override this default encoding with a specific legacy (non-Unicode) encoding.

Upgraded Documentation

The webMethods OnRamp for Commerce One MarketSite User’s Guide has been completely rewritten and reorganized. The new guide contains thorough task-oriented material that explains how to configure C1 OnRamp; communicate with MarketSites and CommerceOne.net Marketsites via SSL; create envelope handler services, send services, startup services, and RoundTrip response services; test connections and services; validate xCBL documents; and use C1 OnRamp with Trading Networks. The guide also contains reference material on the processing C1 OnRamp performs for envelopes it receives and envelopes it sends, and on built-in C1 OnRamp services.

Bug Fixes

For a list of all the changes and bug fixes since the last C1 OnRamp release, see the C1 OnRamp readme.txt file on the download site or in the C1 OnRamp root directory.

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