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Architecture Overview
The webMethods Adapter for OFTP is built on top of webMethods Trading Networks and webMethods Integration Server and is provided as two packages, the OFTP Gateway package (WmOFTP) and the OFTP TN package (WmOFTPforTN).
It uses rvsEVO Server as third party OFTP server to send and receive documents to and from trading partners. rvsEVO Server is a software requirement to run the adapter. For more information, see Installing and customizing Adapter for OFTP.
The Adapter for OFTP provides an outbound delivery service for sending outbound documents from Trading Networks. Inbound documents as received by the rvsEVO server are stored in the file system of the rvsEVO server first. A scheduled service on the Adapter for OFTP side polls for these files.
The Adapter for OFTP uses the rvsEVO Java API.
Your own user account (My Enterprise) and the user accounts of your OFTP partners are represented by Trading Networks profiles. For each profile, you must specify an OFTP address (station-ID) as the OFTP ID external ID type. During initialization of the package a new External ID Type OFTP ID is automatically created.