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Status Summary
The following table provides an overview on rvsEVO status, value of status type and corresponding Trading Networks user status.
Document type / statusType
Trading Networks user status
rvsEVO status
oftpMessageOut /
OFTP queued
File is successfully transferred to rvsEVO and rvsEVO has created a send job.
Temporary status.
oftpStatusIn / error
OFTP send failed
Problem when addressing rvsEVO.
oftpStatusIn / transmitStatus
OFTP transmit status
File transmitted, waiting for EERP.
Temporary status
oftpStatusIn / nontransmitStatus
OFTP non-transmit status
Send job deleted. For example, by an rvsEVO administrator.
Final status
oftpStatusIn / positiveEERPin
OFTP positive-EERP
Positive EERP received; job finished.
Final status
As the OFTP standard does not define that sending of an EERP notification is mandatory, it can not be guaranteed that all OFTP partner stations will send this message. That means the final status depends on your arrangement with your OFTP partner.