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Sending of OFTP Messages
*To send OFTP messages
1. Configure the profile of the receiving partner in Trading Networks if not already done.
2. Call the service which converts the BizDoc into an OFTP message (document type oftpMessageOut) and sends it to your OFTP partner by using the OFTP Gateway.
The wm.oftp.gateway.Outbound:send service of the gateway pushes the documents to the rvsEVO server and invokes a send process. This service additionally creates an entry in a cross-reference table used to relate the rvs job-ID to the Trading Networks internal ID (doc-ID).
The Adapter for OFTP sets the Trading Networks user status to OFTP queued.
If there occurs a problem when addressing the rvsEVO, an OFTP message oftpStatusIn with statusType 'error' is created. In this case the user status within Trading Networks is set to OFTP send failed.
Additionally the problem is added as entry into the Server Log of the Integration Server. For more details, see Error Handling.
To be able to send OFTP messages, rvsEVO must be started.
When the user status within Trading Networks is set to IGNORED, check the consistency of configuration parameters.
When the creation of a job entry in rvsEVO fails, an exception is created. The user is responsible for handling this exception in Trading Networks.